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Why The Gospel

The Gospel is an amazing story of “good news.” It was good news when Jesus first introduced it and it is great news today. God created this world and everything in it. He created men and women just like you and me. He created mankind so that we would know Him intimately and be with Him forever. Unfortunately, God’s people quickly turned their backs on Him and chose their own way. When this happened, a new reality of darkness and distance from God was ushered in.

But…mercy came a running…God set his perfect plan in motion to reclaim and redeem the creation that He loved and longed to be with. He sent His one and only Son Jesus, into the world so that we would have a way back to Him. We can read and understand about Jesus’ perfect life through the Bible. His life was an example to us by the way he dealt with people. His life taught us what God is like. Because of His death on the cross, He took the judgment for our rebellion. Through His resurrection, He opened the door for us to have life with God forever. And now, through His Holy Spirit, He continues to draw people into His story and make their lives brand new.

The Gospel is a story that changes lives forever. The Bible teaches us that if anyone is in Christ, they are new creations. It says the old way of life has passed away and a new way of life comes. Jesus is truly a game changer!

For centuries the Gospel story has rescued all kinds of people from lives of brokenness and has brought hope to people who are overwhelmed by life challenges. The Gospel offers meaning and newness to those who will simply believe in faith. This is not just a story to be told – it is a journey to be traveled. It is a life that needs to be lived and as we continue to encounter the Gospel and begin to find our place in it, we want to live in the light of its hope and promises. This means that we see our place in the world through a new lens. We see ourselves as men and women who show the people around us what the Author of the Gospel story is like.

The Gospel is a wonderful story of togetherness. We are the body of Christ. Doing life together is truly a family thing. God did not create us to be alone. We find strength and encouragement from one another. God created us for community with Himself and with the rest of His creation. He created us to live out His Kingdom-first principle. He created us to live out His glorious gospel. So as we find our place in His story, we can find comfort knowing that we don’t have to live life by ourselves. God has given us one another with the intent that we would do life together. Not only does this benefit us, but as we step into the kind of Church that God wants us to be, we want our love for each other to represent Him to the world that He wants us to reach.

If you’ve made the decision to follow Jesus, or if you still have questions, we’d love to talk with you about it. Come see us at our Avondale campus this Sunday, call us at (904) 374-5730, or email us. We want to help you walk down this path!