Love God
Love People
Make Disciples

About Us

We all struggle with the challenges that life inevitably brings. We have our moments where things don’t make sense. We’ve all been hurt by others and we’ve hurt others ourselves. We are a family, and like most families, we have our challenges. However, what makes us different is our strong commitment to Christ and the life-altering impact his gospel has had in our lives. We realize that apart from Christ, we truly are nothing. We are a fellowship of believers who love people. All cultures are welcomed in our casual setting as we desire to be salt and light in a bland and dark world. Our goal at “The Point” is to reach people for Jesus and to develop Christians who are: Radically devoted to Christ Irrevocably committed to each other Relentlessly dedicated to reaching the lost Our main purpose for existing is to glorify God. We do this by a very simple and biblical philosophy: Love God, Love People, Make Disciples.

We exist to glorify God.

(1st Peter 4:11) We exist to make disciples. (Matthew 28:19-20) We exist to teach the Bible (2nd Timothy 3:16)
We exist to love one another and love others.

By keeping God first in our lives and making Him our top priority, we will reach people because of the love that we have for one another (John 13: 34-35) (Acts 2: 42-47). Jesus instructs us to love God first and foremost. This is the greatest commandment. He also instructs us to love people. (Matthew 22:37-40) By loving God first, we will be able to love those in our community. If we truly love our neighbors, we will share with them in all of life’s experiences. This includes sharing with them all that God has done in our own lives.
We exist to do ministry.

This means giving of ourselves to serve both fellow Christians and non-Christians alike (Matthew 25:40) (James 1: 22-27). We will achieve this by being relational and creating community by building our lives around the word of God. We will devote ourselves to the apostles teaching from scripture and exercising the spiritual gifts that God has given us. We will achieve this through fellowship and by spending time with one another and through much prayer. (Acts 2: 42-47)